Equipment Life Extension and Residual Life

TWI has a thorough understanding of the damage mechanisms, materials, inspection methods and structural integrity assessment techniques applicable to all types of assets. As such, TWI has led the world in life assessment of assets. TWI has through the years been involved in the development of the structural assessment methodologies and standards. The company can conduct life assessment from single pressure vessels to complete plant reviews.

  • Development of equipment or plant wide life assessment methodology and schedule
  • Stress analysis to identify areas of associated high risk/low life.
  • Fatigue, high temperature, SCC and corrosion analyses to determine actual safe life.
  • Design and supervision of an on-site inspection programme.
  • Application of state-of-the-art inspection techniques.
  • Mechanical testing of samples extracted from component.
  • Life improvement technique determination and implementation.
  • Determination of optimum replacement and refurbishment dates and scope.

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