Fitness-For-Service, Engineering Critical Assessments and Stress Analysis

DPI TWI is a world leader in this area and has been either the lead authors or major contributor to many of today's standards and procedures (eg BS 7910, FITNET). Over the years TWI has conducted thousands of assessments for all type of installation in the energy sector. TWI Services Sdn. Bhd. conducts reviews and develops new procedures for all types of damage on assets. All the major damage mechanisms can be addressed

(eg corrosion, fatigue, creep, stress corrosion cracking, and hydrogen damage). Having a multidisciplinary team enables quick turnaround of assessment without the use of outside agencies.

The TWI's fitness for service assessment experts are experienced to do the level 1, level 2 and level 3 fitness for service assessment for various type of damage (General metal loss, Local metal loss and gouges, Pitting corrosion, Blisters and laminations, Weld misalignment, dents and shell distortions, Crack-like flaws, Creep damage and Fire damage) in accordance with the API 579 procedures.

The TWI FFS software was developed in accordance with the API 579 requirements.

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