Front End Engineering Design Studies and Design Reviews

TWI has conducted front end engineering design (FEED) reviews for components or complete facilities. Most of the FEED reviews have been to address potential damage that the design process may have overlooked. Other projects have concerned the review of a new advanced technology, eg waste-toenergy, for potential feasibility and return on investment.

The following is an example of work conducted for a FEED review for an oil and gas facility in Kazakhstan. Due to the combined bleak Arctic temperatures, with extraordinarily high fluid pressures and velocities, and oil containing high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide the potential owner/operator required a rigorous evaluation of the preliminary FEED. The scope of the project embraced all onshore and offshore refining equipment namely topsides, refinery and pipeline installation. The assessment was conducted between the conceptual and detailed design stages. Six conclusions were reached relating to vibration fatigue, corrosion resistance, brittle fracture, the use of flanged bolted joints and internal pipe erosion.

As a direct result of the review TWI made ten detailed recommendations to its client on a wide range of issues related to containment of hydrocarbons while operating in such hostile conditions, namely; fracture control, vibration fatigue, corrosion fatigue, internal erosion, flange connection integrity, dissimilar metal cracking, ice damage, flare stack integrity.

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